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Whoop! Whoop! Ok, a loon sounds a whole lot cooler than that…  Loons have always been a symbol of the wild and mysterious lakes of the Adirondacks. Their calls are haunting and their silhouettes unmistakable. One iconic pose for a Common Loon is their high-in-the-water wing flap at the end of bathing or preening sessions, depicted here in glass and solder.


Stained glass makes a unique, beautiful and lasting gift.  When cared for properly, this piece will give you a lifetime of color and beauty.  Please note that your piece will be custom/handmade made per order - please allow for slight variance in glass as well as up to 5 days of production for this piece.


The Bathing Loon is approximately 9.5" wide by 8" tall.  Each piece ships with an attached chain for hanging.

Bathing Loon

  • This original piece is made with the Tiffany copper foil method.  I cut, shaped and then wrapped each piece with copper foil before soldering them together.  Each piece of glass is unique and cut specifically with its individual placement in mind. 


    Unless marked otherwise, each finished piece is made to order, so please contact me if you are looking for a personalized color or shape - I'd be happy to make a custom piece for you!


    This original artwork is made with glass, copper tape and lead solder - always keep careful watch when children or pets are around this piece.

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