Susan Humphrey

Stained Glass Artist

Seeking to immortalize the beauty of nature with fluid, defined lines of solder and the depth, texture and luminescence of art glass, Susan (Sue) Humphrey is inspired by both the literal and figurative aspects of the natural world.  She spent much of her childhood in New York on Lake George and Northern Pennsylvania woods climbing trees, hiking mountains and learning to love all of the wildlife living around her.

Sue’s Grandmothers were both intensely creative women, and imparted to her the delightful satisfaction of using both imagination and handiwork to bring concepts to reality.  She learned how to knit, sew and sketch at a young age and has always felt unsettled with idle hands.

Sue earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2002.  After years of larger company employment and the realization that she didn’t “fit” into corporate culture, Sue left to find creative fulfillment and work with her hands to build a personally meaningful life.  She began her professional career in Portland, Oregon and now practices her stained glass craft in Baltimore, Maryland.  She desires to combine her affinity for the outdoors and her highly sensitive personality traits to design works which explore her passions and spark enthusiasm in others.

When she isn’t breaking glass in her basement studio, Sue can be found knitting, reading, learning new crafting techniques, or hiking and birding locally.  Her artistic influences include Charley Harper, Georgia O’Keefe and Frank Lloyd Wright.


1998 - 2002

Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA in Industrial Design




The Deadly Sins of the Carolina Parakeet; Birdland and the Anthropocene, curated by Lynne Parks and exhibited at The Peale Center in Baltimore, MD.

Dissonance; Paths of Perception, curated by Becky (Hui) Lee, exhibited at the Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore, MD.




The Deadly Sins of the Carolina Parakeet printed in Orion Magazine to accompany article Forever Gone, Spring 2018

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