I've decided that 2016 will be the year that I take my creative talents to the next level!  Right now all around me, Spring is "springing" and I'm feeling inspired. 

Riding pretty high off of my latest project, a Peacock Mandala, I'm working on a few smaller spin-off suncatchers to sell on Etsy.  My next large project is also "cooking" in the back of my mind, and I'm almost ready to put pen to paper for some initial sketches!

Meanwhile, I will try to flesh out this website to showcase my finished products and hope to garner some extra commissions projects...  Feel free to send any website content thoughts as well as questions about me or my work - this site will definitely be a work in progress for a while (artist + technology = ?@!#).

 For more photos of my latest project,  click here !

For more photos of my latest project, click here!