Heart Happiness & Fallingwater

All I can say about this last weekend is, WOW. 

Mr. RCG and I had a fantastic trip to Pittsburgh and Fallingwater.  First, we delivered a gorgeous custom piece to an incredibly amazing customer (and artist!) in Pittsburgh.  It makes my heart so happy and warm to hand my work to a such a super nice (not to mention excited!) client...  Seriously.  

Click here to see what she thought about the finished piece!
She's also an amazing artist - I highly recommend clicking through to her portfolio!

THEN, we headed down to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater - such an inspiration!  The weather was clear and cool, the tour guide was amazing and there were Yellow Throated Vireos singing in the surrounding trees...  What a perfect morning.

...I think these photos speak for themselves...  Such an incredibly inspirational place!