My Fuzzy Valentine

Last week I had a bit of a creative slump.  Sometimes ideas for projects just bubble up through my head like carbonation, but last week my creativity felt more like a sinking brick.  The more I tried to force the ideas to materialize, the farther from reach they became.

Until I sketched up this guy.

Fox Sketch

Most of the time when I draw something I'm excited to make into glass, I have a feeling it'll turn out cool.  I was pretty excited about making the fox, in part because I found a pretty awesome piece of red/clear glass for him.  As I cut and ground each piece of glass to shape, I had a feeling he'd turn out pretty alright.

Fox in progress

I can't even begin to express how excited and almost shocked I am that he turned out like THIS:

Finished Sleeping Fox

The really cool thing is that he looks just as handsome when he's not backlit...  And you can see the fun bark texture that I sculpted into the solder!

Front lit fox

I really love how the background snow and shadow glasses change texture and color when the piece is lit in different ways. 

In the future, I'll want to remember that simply looking out the window into the forest behind my house is a quick cure for the creative blues...  My current inspiration is to bring the nature inside!

This fuzzy dude is for sale in the Purchase section of my website!

Happy Valentine's Day!